Concept Drawings: Pasture-Based Food Systems

The first two drawings show beef and poultry on intensively managed pasture. Pastured-raised livestock and poultry are at the heart of commercially viable sustainable food systems in the Missouri Valley.

The next drawing is of a small on-farm processing facility for poultry, lamb and small market hogs. These low cost facilities will help estimate processing costs and test consumer preferences for various products, packaging and price combinations. The research results will be used to design commercial-scale facilities, beginning in the Omaha and Kansas City area.

The last drawing shows a large 4-season greenhouse for year-around fresh vegetable production. This drawing is based on an existing greenhouse that produced vegetable sets for early spring hoop-house production and edible flowers during the winter. It helped supply Omaha restaurants for 30 years. Many similar facilities will be needed in the Missouri Valley as demand increases for fresh, locally grown organic vegetables.

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