Investing in Sustainable Agriculture

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Sustainable (natural and organic) agriculture in the Missouri Valley will begin to thrive once qualified local investors understand the profit potential of farmer-controlled food brands along with efficient local food economies. To develop new farms and food brands, Raised Free offers market information and market management services in the Omaha and Kansas City areas. We are a market management company specializing in building relationships with urban consumers who want sustainable foods from local farmers and food businesses.


For us, “sustainable” describes local and regional food systems that are in transition to organic and similar methods. These farmer-controlled systems have strict origin identification procedures with planned investment programs for profitable farms and food processing designed for near-by urban and suburban residents.

Brand Partnerships

Farmer-controlled partnerships (LLC’s) will own and manage these brands. In order to produce truckload lots from tight geographic areas, each brand will contract with local partnership farmers. In return for a negotiated percentage of the brand profits, local minority investors will fund marketing, processing and distribution.


Our experiences are in marketing and management. We are not farm managers, real estate agents, bankers or investment advisors. However, we are forming working partnerships with firms and individuals with these skills.

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