Page 1: Farmer Owned Regenerative and Organic Food Brands

Our company organizes land, markets, processing, and financing for high-value commodities and farmer-owned retail food brands.

These brands require active support from local elected officials, qualified investors, and economic development leaders.

Why Local Investments?

Local financial support is essential because commodity markets do not offer realistic wealth building opportunities for most low-and-medium income farmers and ranchers. Without new profit opportunities, the vast majority of these producers will leave agriculture without passing land to the next generation (ERS, USDA).

Producers who sell their own branded products through farmers markets and other local venues have taken the first steps toward consistent farm profits. To succeed, these local “brand leaders” need secure access to land and professional marketing along with processing and financing. Researchers from Iowa State University have shown why farmer-owned retail food brands are needed for consistent farm profits.

Beef First

Other research has shown why cattle and permanent pasture are central to long term soil fertility, and by extension, consistent farm profits.

With profitable diversified production systems in mind, we want to hear from conventional, specialty, and organic beef cow-calf producers who are interested in retail beef brands.

We believe that farmers and ranchers who manage their own direct sale brands are in the best position to lead local and regional regenerative food system development projects.

Demonstration Projects

I own two farms, one just west of Omaha and the other between Des Moines and Omaha. Our team will use these farms to demonstrate how farmers and ranchers can organize land, processing, and financing for high-value commodity markets and profitable, producer-owned retail organic food brands.

More Information

Page 2 is on organizing land, markets, processing, and financing.

Market issues are explained on page 3.

Page 4 summarizes our qualifications.

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Jim Steffen

Posted 11-07-2023