Page 1: Introduction

We own two organic farms near Omaha. We are using our Massena, Iowa farm to demonstrate a new business model for regenerative agriculture.

We will organize or affiliate with a for-profit company with a mission of developing commercial-scale regenerative farms. These farms will be owned and operated by low and medium-income producers. The development company and its investors will contract with non-profit groups and government agencies for market research and planning services. Work plans will be designed and approved by participating farmers, landowners, and investors.

New farms and food processing operations will be designed to supply high-value commodity markets along with retail grocery and food service outlets in Omaha, Des Moines, and surrounding communities.

This farmer-controlled development company will coordinate real estate, farm management, marketing, and financial services. The firm’s business partners, including fiduciaries will guide producers and landowners in building long term relationships with local accredited investors.

The company will be guided by Slow Money Principles.

A New Regenerative Farm

Massena area farmers and landowners are invited to work with us to organize and plan a demonstration farm. This work will include public education and investor training programs. Once profitable, this new farm will be sold to a young producer from the Massena area.

Additional Information

Page 2 explains markets and business planning. Page 3 explains our business model. Page 4 is on regenerative farming, and Page 5 offers a brief history of our family experience in organic farming and marketing.

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Jim Steffen
Massena Corporation

Revised 05-15-2022