Page 1: Farmer Owned Organic Beef Brands

I am inviting beef cow-calf producers in the region that includes Omaha and Des Moines to join me in developing one or more organic beef brands for our area. I am also asking beef industry leaders, elected officials, and qualified local investors to assist with planning and financing.

Production Units

To reduce capital and operating costs, cow-calf producers will lead planning projects for transitional and organic pasture-based crop and livestock production units. A production unit is a group of closely located farms managed together to reduce production and processing costs. Cattle will move through planned crop rotations that include permanent and temporary pasture, grain, and hay. In time, these rotations can include commercial quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables.

As an incentive to work with their neighbors, landowners will receive higher than average rent for pasture and cropland. Places that are close together will earn the best rental income.

The landowners will continue to own their farms, approve business plans, and select the operators.

Researchers from Iowa State University have addressed some of the key branding issues.

Demonstration Projects

We own two farms, one just west of Omaha and the other between Des Moines and Omaha. I will use these farms to demonstrate the profit potential of our business model.

More Information

Page 2 is on production unit organization.

Market issues are explained on page 3.

Page 4 summarizes our qualifications.

Please contact me to arrange an on-line discussion.

Thank you.

Jim Steffen

Posted 09-21-2023