Page 1: Local Finance with Cooperative Marketing for Regenerative Organic Food Brands.

Farmers know that that commodity markets and government programs are not profitable for most producers (ERS, USDA). They provide a base income but not enough to rebuild depleted natural resources, and at the same time, pass profitable farms, ranches, and gardens to the next generation.

We need a new business model to overcome key barriers to long term profits. These barriers include:

  • Inadequate income from commodity buyers
  • Farm financing based on land values rather than local and regional retail markets
  • Insufficient processing and retail distribution for farmer-owned brands
  • A lack of professional marketing and financial services
  • No on-going public information and investor training

This website explains how farmers and farmland owners can work with local food processors, investors, and consumers to rebuild farm and food systems profits. We offer:

  • A farmer-controlled, step-by-step, farm-by-farm development process
  • Market research and related services for farmer-owned retail food brands
  • Professionally prepared business plans
  • Detailed accounting
  • Regular financial reports

Demonstration Projects

Starting with our Massena, Iowa farm, I will fund preliminary business plans at no cost to selected landowners and farmers who join our regenerative food system development project.

Retired and working farmers from other communities are invited to call me for more information.

More Information

Page 2 explains basic concepts.

Planning is covered on page 3.

Market issues are explained on page 4.

Page 5 summarizes our qualifications.

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Jim Steffen

Posted 05-30-2023