Page 2: Project Partners and Planning

Raised Free will support young farmers and ranchers who develop retail food brands  supplied by participating farms and ranches.  

Contractors and project partners will provide a range of support services to participating landowners, producers, and investors. These services will include commodity and consumer demand studies, business planning, and land acquisition along with public and investor information programs. 

Completed business plans will be available at no cost to selected producers, landowners, and investors.

Local Partners

We invite banks, investment firms, government agencies, and food companies to join us in hosting meetings with farmers, ranchers and landowners. Non-profit companies are invited to accept donations from our corporate partners and their foundations. These tax-advantaged funds will be combined with grants for market research, planning, and public education.   


Work will start in the Massena, Iowa area by meeting with cow-calf producers landowners to discuss business planning. We own a half-section of pasture south of Massena. Page 3 on this website explains market research in more detail.   

Each business plan will include cost and income estimates for transitional and organic crops and livestock along with marketing plans for commodities and direct-to-consumer brands. The research and planning process will include the following tasks:

  • Plan and conduct meetings with cow-calf farmers and landowners
  • Negotiate preliminary forward contracts with organic and specialty buyers
  • Prepare preliminary business plans for cow-calf producers and landowners
  • Negotiate preliminary lease/purchase agreements with farmland succession plans
  • Conduct public and investor education programs
  • Contingent on investors participation, complete lease/purchase negotiations
  • Finalize forward contracts for beef, grain, hay, and alfalfa
  • Sign forward contracts and lease/purchase agreements
  • Support operations

Once operations begin, Raised Free contractors and non-profit partners will provide periodic financial reports to producers, landowners, marketing partners, and investors.

Please contact me for more information.

Thank you.

Jim Steffen

Revised: 07-28-2022